The Vampire Lovers
The Vampire Lovers
Directed By Roy Ward Baker
Written By Michael Style, Harry Fine, Tudor Gates
Screenplay By Tudor Gates
Cast Ingrid Pitt, Peter Cushing, George Cole, Kate O'Mara
Produced By Michael Style, Harry Fine
Film Editing By James Needs
Cinematography By Moray Grant
Music By Harry Robertson

American International Pictures, Hammer Film Productions, Fantale Films


United Kingdom, United States



Release Date

October 4, 1970


91 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

American International Pictures, MGM



  • Ingrid Pitt as Carmilla
  • George Cole as Roger Morton
  • Kate O'Mara as The Governess
  • Peter Cushing as General von Spielsdorf
  • Douglas Wilmer as Baron Joachim von Hartog
  • Madeline Smith as Emma Morton
  • Dawn Addams as The Countess
  • Jon Finch as Carl Ebhardt
  • Pippa Steel as Laura
  • Kirsten Lindholm as 1st Vampire
  • Janet Key as Gretchin
  • Harvey Hall as Renton
  • Joanna Shelley as Woodman's Daughter
  • Olga James as Village Girl
  • Jill Easter as Woodman's Wife
  • Vicki Woolf as Landlord's Daughter



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