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Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj
Van Wilder The Rise of Taj
Directed By Mort Nathan
Written By David Drew Gallagher
Cast Kal Penn, Daniel Percival, Lauren Cohan, Glen Barry
Produced By Peter Abrams, Michelle Fox, Kal Penn, Elie Samaha
Film Editing By John Axness, Sherwood Jones
Cinematography By Hubert Taczanowski
Music By Robert Folk

Bauer Martinez Entertainment, Tapestry Films, Myriad Pictures


United States



Release Date

December 1, 2006


97 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By



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  • Kal Penn as Taj
  • Daniel Percival as Pip
  • Lauren Cohan as Charlotte
  • Glen Barry as Seamus
  • Anthony Cozens as Gethin
  • Tom Davey as Percy
  • Holly Davidson as Sadie
  • William de Coverly as Roger
  • Steven Rathman as Simon
  • Amy Steel as Alexandra
  • Beth Steel as Penelope
  • Jonathan Cecil as Provost Cunningham
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Taj's Father
  • Shobu Kapoor as Taj's Mother
  • Gabriela Modorcea as Taj's Sister
  • Adam Sinclair as Lord Wrightwood
  • Chris Rossi as George W. Bush



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