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Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess
Credit Melinda Clarke


Velasca is a character from the TV Show Xena: Warrior Princess. She is an evil scheming Amazon Warrior who desires power above anything else and cares nothing for others including her fellow Amazons.


Velasca is a scheming and ambitious Amazon warrior. She cares only for her own desire for power and is willing to manipulate or kill anyone who gets in her way. Amazon Queen Melosa adopted Velasca as her daughter. This gave her the right to assume Melosa's title should she die. She killed Melosa in combat and was all but ready to officially become queen. But Gabrielle's reappearance disrupted her plans of ascension. Gabrielle was given the "right of caste" by the dying Amazon princess Terreis thus overriding Velasca's claim. This infuriated her and she is determined to ensure Gabrielle is out of the picture one way or the other.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits



  • Artemis, you fake! Where were you when our nation died? Where were you when the many Amazon tribes were scattered and destroyed? Where were you when the word 'Amazon' became a joke told by old men in taverns? I was once your subject, now I'm your equal... and your enemy!

Appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess

2.13 The Quest
2.14 A Necessary Evil

5.11 Punch Lines (archive footage)