Vibes 1988
Directed By Ken Kwapis
Written By Lowell Ganz, Deborah Blum
Cast Jeff Goldblum, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Lerner, Ramon Bieri
Produced By Deborah Blum, Tony Ganz
Film Editing By Carol Littleton
Cinematography By John Bailey
Music By James Horner

United States



Release Date

August 5, 1988


99 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures

Gross $1,883,811



  • Jeff Goldblum as Nick Deezy
  • Cyndi Lauper as Sylvia Pickel
  • Ramon Bieri as Eli Diamond
  • Michael Lerner as Burt Wilder
  • Hercules Vilchez as Juan
  • Jerry Vichi as Baseball Man
  • Leo V. Finnie III as Monty Man
  • Googy Gress as Ingo Swedlin
  • Ray Stoddard as Dr. Scott
  • Harvey J. Goldenberg as Lyle
  • Tom Henschel as Dr. Drake
  • Susan Bugg as Dr. Silver
  • Rodney Kageyama as Dr. Harmon
  • Van Dyke Parks as Dr. Weiner
  • Steven Scott as Dr. Thompson
  • Joseph V. Perry as Dave
  • Park Overall as Jane
  • Julian Sands as Dr. Harrison Steele
  • Max Perlich as Busboy
  • Peter Falk as Harry Buscafusco
  • John Kapelos as Eugene
  • Bruce MacVittie as Tony
  • Don Bexley as Lou
  • Bill McCutcheon as Mr. Van Der Meer
  • Steve Buscemi as Fred
  • Jennifer Balgobin as Gloria



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