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Aliases Vicious Old Queens
Creator(s) Mark Ravenhill, Gary Janetti
Principal Cast Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Frances de la Tour, Iwan Rheon, Marcia Warren, Philip Voss
Network PBS
Rating TV-14
Runtime 23 minutes
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 12
Start Date April 29, 2013
End Date July 6, 2015
Spin-offs Vicious Christmas Special;

Vicious Finale

Country United Kingdom
Language English


Aging prima donna Freddie Thornhill is an over-the-hill bit part actor and his gay partner, retired bar manger Stuart Bixby have spent the last 48 years together. The honeymoon (so to speak) is long over and their frequent bickering takes on a sharpish and deliciously vicious tone at times.

But their frequent arguments are incredibly embarrassing and awkward for their friends, neighbors, and even casual bystanders can attest to.

Vicious was a short-lived British sitcom TV series starring award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen in one of the principal roles.  The series was generally well received by critics and had one Christmas Special and one special Finale episode which saw the two main characters, Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby finally formally marry after 50 years together.

Notable Characters

  • Freddie Thornhill
  • Stuart Bixby
  • Ash Weston
  • Violet Crosby
  • Penelope
  • Mason

Plot Summary

Season 1

Season 2

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 Vicious2013 season1-1 Wake

29 Aug 2013
1.02 Vicious2013 season1-2 Shopping

06 May 2013
1.03 Vicious2013 season1-3 Audition

13 May 2013
1.04 Vicious2013 season1-4 Clubbing

20 May 2013
1.05 Vicious2013 season1-5 Dinner Party

03 Jun 2013
1.06 Vicious2013 season1-6 Anniversary

10 Jun 2013
1.07 150px Christmas Special

Season 2

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
2.01 Vicious2015 season2-1 Sister

01 Jun 2015
2.02 Vicious2015 season2-2 Gym

08 Jun 2015
2.03 Vicious2015 season2-3 Ballroom

15 Jun 2015
2.04 Vicious2015 season2-4 Stag Do

22 Jun 2015
2.05 Vicious2015 season2-5 Flatmates

29 Jun 2015
2.06 Vicious2015 season2-6 Wedding

06 Jul 2015
2.07 150px A Year

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