A View to a Kill
A View to a Kill
Adventure Above And Beyond All Other Bonds
Directed By John Glen
Screenplay By Michael G. Wilson, Richard Maibaum
Cast Roger Moore, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Patrick Macnee
Produced By Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
Film Editing By Peter Davies
Cinematography By Alan Hume
Music By John Barry

Eon Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date

June 13, 1985


131 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By


Budget $30,000,000
Gross $152,400,000


A View to a Kill is the fourteenth James Bond film in the series franchise and was directed by John Glen. The title of the movie came from Ian Fleming's short story "From a View to a Kill" which involves Bond investigating the mysterious murder of a motorcycle courier who is killed en route while carrying top secret dispatches.  The film however features a completely different concept and characters.

A View to a Kill was the seventh and final film starring Roger Moore as James Bond.


MI-6 has discovered that the Russians have a new computer chip of astonishing capabilities and is capable of withstanding even the devastating crippling effects of an electromagnetic pulse. With such a potent piece of equipment in their arsenal, the Russians would not have to fear the disruptive effects of a nuclear war. But what MI-6 finds even more disturbing is that the chip is identical to their own prototype being developed by Zorin Industries!

Suspecting a security leak at Zorin, MI-6 decides to send in their best agent, 007 James Bond to investigate. But what he finds is truly baffling. Why is Max Zorin, the head of Zorin Industries so obsessed in geology, fault lines, and conducting drilling in California? Zorin Industries specializes in microchips and none of those elements have anything to do with the manufacturing of them. Or perhaps not so odd.

The murderous and maniacal Zorin has much bigger plans and a long range view of the future. A view to kill. For Zorin intends to corner the world's market on microchips and become its sole supplier. To force everyone in the entire world; Americans, British, and Russians to buy from him and him alone. Of course for that to happen, he would have to completely wipe out Silicon Valley, the home of all of his competitors and rival microchip manufacturers. But no one could do that ... or could they?

According to the beautiful geologist Stacey Sutton, Zorin could very well do it. If he triggered a massive detonation at the right fault lines, he could create an apocalyptic earthquake. One that would destroy all of San Francisco in the process. And only James Bond can stop him!





  • A real-life officer of the Central Intelligence Agency was inspired to have the espionage agency develop their own facial recognition software after seeing James Bond employ it in the film and discovering that the CIA didn't have anything like it.

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(1985) A View To A Kill trailer

(1985) A View To A Kill trailer