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Voodoo Island
Voodoo Island
Directed By Reginald Le Borg
Written By Richard H. Landau
Cast Boris Karloff, Beverly Tyler, Elisha Cook Jr., Murvyn Vye
Produced By Howard W. Koch
Film Editing By John F. Schreyer
Cinematography By William Margulies
Music By Les Baxter

United States



Release Date

February 1957


82 Minutes

Distributed By

United Artists

Budget $150,000



  • Boris Karloff as Phillip Knight
  • Beverly Tyler as Sarah Adams
  • Murvyn Vye as Barney Finch
  • Elisha Cook Jr. as Martin Schuyler
  • Rhodes Reason as Matthew Gunn
  • Jean Engstrom as Claire Winter
  • Friedrich von Ledebur as Native Chief
  • Glenn Dixon as Mitchell
  • Owen Cunningham as Howard Carlton
  • Herbert Patterson as Dr. Wilding
  • Jerry Frank as Vickers
  • Adam West as Weather Station #4 Radio Operator



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