Wanted: Dead or Alive
Wanted Dead or Alive
Directed By Gary Sherman
Written By Michael Patrick Goodman, Brian Taggert, Gary Sherman
Cast Rutger Hauer, Gene Simmons, Robert Guillaume, Mel Harris
Produced By Robert C. Peters
Film Editing By Ross Albert
Cinematography By Alex Nepomniaschy
Music By Joe Renzetti

United States



Release Date

January 16, 1987


104 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New World Pictures

Gross $7,555,000



  • Rutger Hauer as Nick Randall
  • Gene Simmons as Malak Al Rahim
  • Robert Guillaume as Philmore Walker
  • Mel Harris as Terry
  • William Russ as Det. Sgt. Danny Quintz
  • Susan MacDonald as Louise Quintz
  • Jerry Hardin as John Lipton
  • Hugh Gillin as Patrick Donoby
  • Robert Harper as Dave Henderson
  • Eli Danker as Robert Aziz
  • Joseph Nasser as Hasson
  • Suzanne Wouk as Jamilla
  • Gerald Papasyan as Abdul Renza
  • Nick Faltas as Amir
  • Hammam Shafie as Chemical Expert
  • Sam Longoria as FBI Agent



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