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War of the Colossal Beast
War of the Colossal Beast
Directed By Bert I. Gordon
Written By George Worthing Yates, Bert I. Gordon
Cast Sally Fraser, Dean Parkin, Roger Pace, Charles Stewart
Produced By Bert I. Gordon
Film Editing By Ronald Sinclair
Cinematography By Jack A. Marta
Music By Albert Glasser

United States



Release Date

June 20, 1958


69 Minutes

Distributed By




  • Dean Parkin as Colossal Man
  • Sally Fraser as Joyce Manning
  • Roger Pace as Major Mark Baird
  • Russ Bender as Dr. Carmichael
  • Rico Alaniz as Sgt. Luis Murillo
  • Charles Stewart as Captain Harris
  • George Becwar as John Swanson
  • Roy Gordon as Mayor
  • Robert Hernandez as Miguel
  • George Milan as General Nelson
  • Jack Kosslyn as Newscaster
  • Stan Chambers as TV Announcer



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