Weekend at Bernie's II
Weekend at Bernie's II
Directed By Robert Klane
Written By Robert Klane
Cast Andrew McCarthy, Terry Kiser, Jonathan Silverman
Produced By Victor Drai, Joseph Perez
Film Editing By Peck Prior
Cinematography By Edward Morey III
Music By Peter Wolf

United States



Release Date

July 9, 1993


97 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

TriStar Pictures

Budget $7,000,000
Gross $12,741,891


Their not-so fabulous weekend adventure is over (from Weekend at Bernie's) and the hapless duo of Larry and Richard are back. And so is Bernie Lomax … well sorta. Everbody’s favorite still-mistaken-as-alive corpse is still deader than a doornail and in the morgue.  Not that’s stopped anybody from using his body for their own purposes when it suits them. 

But being alive isn’t quite as great as it sounds.  Because the insurance company that Bernie embezzled $2 million dollars from wants their money back and suspect Larry and Richard as being in cahoots with their boss, the now dead Bernie Lomax.  And with him gone, they’re the only ones left to focus their attention on.  The pair are promptly fired and blacklisted as embezzlers.   

Plus Arthur Hummel, the Internal Company Investigator has to nail Larry and Richard to the wall since his job is on the line as Bernie was pulling his financial shenanigans under his watch. In order to save his job, Hummel has to find the missing $2 mill. 

An outraged Larry steals Lomax’s effects from the morgue and goes on a wild spending spree with Bernie’s credit cards and discovers a safe deposit key in the wallet.  Believing that he has discovered Bernie’s hiding place for his stash, Larry convinces a reluctant Richard to go with him and retrieve the safe deposit box which is in the Virgin Islands. 

Meanwhile in the Virgin Islands, Bernie’s criminal associates are taken aback by his sudden death and to get their money which Bernie has hidden; hire Mobu, a voodoo queen to reanimate Bernie so that he can lead them to their money.   

The Mobu uses her voodoo magic to curse two visitors to the Islands; Charles and Henry to become a pair of goats. Unless they go to New York, find Bernie’s body, and perform a voodoo ritual on the corpse to lead them to the money and retrieve it; she vows not to counter her curse. 

Charles and Henry succeed in breaking into the morgue and stealing Bernie’s body, but accidentally lose the live chicken before they can use it for the ritual. Forced to improvise, they decide that a pigeon is sort of like a bird right?  The bungled ritual sort of works as well but the zombified Bernie is only reanimated and moving towards the money when he hears music.  However, the pair shortly afterwards lose Bernie’s body on a subway and are then arrested by the police when they start blaming each other and fighting. 

Investigating the key, Larry and Richard discover that only Bernie Lomax has the authorization to open the safe deposit box and thus Larry decides that they will have to pretend that Bernie is still alive in order to get the contents.  Meanwhile, Bernie’s corpse is found by the subway cops who bring it back to the morgue just in time for Larry and Richard to steal it again and travel to the Virgin Islands where they plot to use Bernie to open the deposit box.  Hummel however is tracking the duo and follows them, suspicious of their strange antics but fails to spot Bernie's body.

Upon arriving, Larry falls for a beautiful local girl named Claudia but his attempts to romance her fail spectacularly.  That night, thanks to the music from a party at the hotel; Bernie reanimates and begins moving towards the money but the music cuts off before he can reach it.  The next morning, Richard and Larry start panicking over the disappearance of Bernie’s corpse but are finally able to track down Bernie’s body, confused as to who would move a body and then abandon it. 

Freshly released from jail in New York, Charles and Henry are ready to call it quits but some disturbing evidence suggests that their transformation into goats is starting and they reluctantly return to the Virgin Islands to plead with the Mobu for forgiveness. En route however, they stumble across Larry and Richard along with Bernie and try to grab Bernie back.  An undercover Hummel inadvertently spots Bernie in the chaos and inadvertently causes a scene that causes him to be arrested. Richard and Larry are able to grab Bernie back and fakes out the bank employees in order to open the safety deposit box.  To their horror, they discover that it does not contain any money but a strange map instead.  

Seeking to decipher the strange map, Larry recognizes some of the symbols as being similar to ones that he saw at Claudia’s home and she reveals that her father who is a doctor is also interested in the occult and those are voodoo symbols.  She then offers to have him translate the symbols for them.  Shortly after turning the map over to her, Larry and Richard are captured by Henry and Charles who demand Bernie’s corpse.  However, due to some music playing, said corpse has taken to his ambulatory wandering and so Henry and Charles decide to simply hand the pair over to the Mobu. 

Unable to produce neither Bernie nor the map; the Mobu poisons Richard and tells him that unless they bring her the money by sundown he will die without her antidote.  Rushing back to find Claudia, they find out that she had already given the map to her father and he is out of the office on an emergency call. 

Meanwhile Hummel has been released by the local police, decides that he must have seen someone with a passing resemblance to Lomax before he returns to trailing Larry and Richard. Shortly afterwards, the still-moving Bernie inadvertently become entangled in a parasailing rig and is dragged by the boat into the already stressed Hummel who receives a bad shock when he is confronted by a seemingly alive Bernie and has a hysterical fit.  Bernie’s body then falls from the sky in front of Claudia, Larry, and Richard.  Seeing Bernie still moving, Larry and Richard remember Henry and Charles’ earlier explanation to the Mobu about the screwed up ritual and realize that Bernie is tracking the money.  The trio follows him when Bernie proceeds to walk underwater and abruptly stops and begins floating.

Claudia realizes that Bernie cannot hear the music from underwater and the trio improvise a headphone rig to the zombie corpse which proceeds to walk on the bottom of the ocean. A shaken Hummel believes that the stress and pressure from work is getting to him and after receiving Bernie Lomax's death certificate on file, decides to take an underwater tour on a sub in an attempt to relax.  However, he soon witnesses Bernie walking on the ocean floor and has another hysterical fit and tries to leave the submarine while it’s still fifty feet underwater and has to be forcibly restrained. 

Bernie unearths a chest that was hidden underwater but the trio can’t make him release the chest and decide to simply bring Bernie with the money to the Mobu.  Unable to get a ride to the Mobu, Larry attaches the zombie Bernie to a carriage with music playing to pull it.  While it works at first, they swiftly lose control and start rolling down a steep incline, unable to stop. 

On shore, Hummel is tranquilized by Claudia’s father and the police are taking him to the hospital for a psychiatric examination when the out-of-control carriage zooms past and they start following them.  The carriage crashes into the Mobu’s lair and knocks her out and sends the chest with the money flying.  Larry picks up the chest and turns it over to a still-heavily medicated Hummel who happily accepts it while the mobsters and the unconscious Mobu are arrested by the police.  Meanwhile, Claudia’s father reverses the curse placed on Richard with the help of a blood of virgin which is donated by an embarrassed Larry. 

Shortly afterwards, Larry and a recovered Richard are relaxing on a yacht during the Carnival and Larry reveals that he did indeed turn over $2 million to Hummel; but it turns out that Bernie had actually stolen $3 million so he kept the additional money for himself and Richard.  The duo decide to head to Monte Carlo with their million (minus the money for the yacht and their beautiful deckhands) while the still dancing Bernie leads Charles and Henry who have been transformed into goats in the parade.


  • Andrew McCarthy as Larry Wilson
  • Jonathan Silverman as Richard Parker
  • Terry Kiser as Bernie Lomax
  • Troy Beyer as Claudia
  • Barry Bostwick as Arthur Hummel
  • Tom Wright as Charles
  • Steve James as Henry
  • Novella Nelson as Mobu
  • Win De Lugo as Mr. Jennings
  • J.C. Scott-Klane as Secretary
  • Jennie Moreau as Brenda