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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
Directed By Charles Finch
Written By Charles Finch, Yolande Turner
Cast Dylan McDermott, Sharon Stone, Tom Sizemore
Produced By Mario Sotela, Charles Finch
Film Editing By Gene M. Gamache
Cinematography By Miles Cook
Music By Mark Mancina, Hans Zimmer

Sotela Pictures



Release Date

November 13, 1991


95 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

August Entertainment


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  • Dylan McDermott as Bruce Simmons
  • Sharon Stone as Serena Black
  • Tom Sizemore as Eddie Hale
  • Charles Finch as Evan Best
  • Ron Karabatsos as Stan Reeb
  • Jillian McWhirter as Dol Whitney
  • Brett Cullen as John Whitney



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