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Who's That Girl
Who's That Girl
Directed By James Foley
Written By Andrew Smith, Ken Finkleman
Cast Madonna, Griffin Dunne, Bibi Besch, Haviland Morris
Produced By Rosilyn Heller, Bernard Williams
Film Editing By Pembroke J. Herring
Cinematography By Jan de Bont
Music By Stephen Bray

Guber-Peters Company


United States



Release Date

August 7, 1987


94 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Gross $7,305,209



  • Madonna as Nikki Finn
  • Griffin Dunne as Louden Trott
  • Haviland Morris as Wendy Worthington
  • John McMartin as Simon Worthington
  • Bibi Besch as Mrs. Worthington
  • John Mills as Montgomery Bell
  • Robert Swan as Detective Bellson
  • Drew Pillsbury as Detective Doyle
  • Coati Mundi as Raoul
  • Cecile Callan as Sandy
  • Karen Elise Baldwin as Heather
  • Kimberlin Brown as Rachel
  • Crystal Carson as Denise
  • Elaine Wilkes as Holly



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