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Who Am I?
Who Am I
Directed By Jackie Chan, Benny Chan
Written By Jackie Chan, Susan Chan, Lee Reynolds
Cast Jackie Chan, Mirai Yamamoto, Michelle Ferre, Ed Nelson
Produced By Leonard Ho, Barbie Tung
Film Editing By Peter Cheung, Yau Chi Wai
Cinematography By Poon Hang Sang
Music By Nathan Wang

Hong Kong



Release Date

January 17, 1998


108 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Golden Harvest, Media Asia



  • Jackie Chan as Who Am I
  • Michelle Ferre as Christine Stark
  • Mirai Yamamoto as Yuki
  • Ed Nelson as General Sherman
  • Ron Smerczak as Agent Morgan
  • Ron Smoorenburg as Morgan's Hitman
  • Kwan Yung as Morgan's Hitman
  • Yanick Mbali as Baba
  • Washington Xisolo as Village Chief



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