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Wild Things: Foursome
Wild Things Foursome
Directed By Andy Hurst
Written By Monty Featherstone, Howard Zemski
Cast Ashley Parker Angel, Jillian Murray, Marnette Patterson
Produced By Marc Bienstock
Film Editing By Anthony Adler
Cinematography By Jeffrey D. Smith
Music By Steven M. Stern

United States



Release Date

June 1, 2010


92 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Stage 6 Films



  • Ashley Parker Angel as Carson Wheetly
  • Jillian Murray as Brandi Cox
  • Marnette Patterson as Rachel Thomas
  • Jessie Nickson as Linda Dobson
  • John Schneider as Detective Frank Walker
  • Ethan S. Smith as George Stuben
  • Cameron Daddo as Ted Wheetly
  • Marc Macaulay as Captain Blanchard
  • Josh Randall as Shane Hendricks



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