The Wisdom Tree
The Wisdom Tree banner
Directed By Sunil Shah
Written By Sunil Shah
Cast Sheetal Sheth, Nick Scoggin, Patrick Alparone, Eric Holter
Produced By Laura Techera Francia, Renu Vora
Film Editing By Sunil Shah, Renu Vora
Cinematography By Piyush Shah
Music By Shweta Jhaveri

United States



Release Date

December 7, 2013


132 Minutes



  • Patrick Alparone as Steve Hamilton
  • Sheetal Sheth as Dr. Trisha Rao
  • Eric Holter as Mike Parker
  • Nick Scoggin as Eugene Rogers
  • Ross Turner as Dr. Armstrong
  • Jessica Raaum as Debbie Hay
  • Cristina DelValle as Young Shirley
  • Monique Bricca as Shelly Richter
  • Thomas Cokenias as Ken Miller
  • Santia Andrews as Art Gallery Assistant
  • Sedra Evette as Rachael Parker
  • Aditi Kisara as Young Trisha
  • Shannon Mahoney as Susan Hamilton
  • Gary Martinez as Dr. McNeese
  • Nicholas Daniel Pauline as Young Steve
  • Billie Shepard as Dr. Catherine Searls
  • Keith Stevenson as Dr. J. Rao
  • Vicky Wang as Julie



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