X the Unknown
X the Unknown
Directed By Leslie Norman, Joseph Losey
Written By Jimmy Sangster
Cast Edward Chapman, Dean Jagger, Leo McKern
Produced By Anthony Hinds
Film Editing By James Needs
Cinematography By Gerald Gibbs
Music By James Bernard

Hammer Film Productions



Release Date

November 5, 1956


81 Minutes

Distributed By

Warner Bros. Pictures

Budget $60,000



  • Dean Jagger as Dr. Adam Royston
  • Edward Chapman as John Elliott
  • Leo McKern as Inspector "Mac" McGill
  • Anthony Newley as Lance Corporal "Spider" Webb
  • Jameson Clark as Jack Harding
  • William Lucas as Peter Elliott
  • Peter Hammond as Lieutenant Bannerman
  • Marianne Brauns as Zena
  • Ian MacNaughton as Haggis
  • Michael Ripper as Sergeant Harry Grimsdyke
  • John Harvey as Major Cartwright
  • Edwin Richfield as Soldier Burned on Back
  • Jane Aird as Vi Harding
  • Norman Macowan as Old Tom
  • Kenneth Cope as Private Lansing
  • Michael Brooke as Willie Harding
  • Frazer Hines as Ian Osborne



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