Xena: Warrior Princess
General Information

Creator(s) John Schulian, Robert G. Tapert
Principal Cast Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Hudson Leick
Network USA Network
No. of Seasons 6
No. of Episodes 134
Start Date 4 Sep 1995
End Date 18 Jun 2001
Country New Zealand
Language English


Intro narration: "In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power, the passion, the danger. Her courage will change the world!"


Xena, Joxer and Gabrielle (from episode 3.2 Been There, Done That)

Xena: Warrior Princess is set in the ancient mythical world of Greece but also explores other parts of the world, such as Rome, China and India. It follows the adventures of the warrior woman Xena. She has cast aside her evil ways as an ambitious warlord and now seeks to atone for her evil deeds by helping those in need. She is befriended by Gabrielle, a quick witted but naive farm girl who wants to see the world and be more like Xena. It's a tongue-in-cheek show that doesn't take itself seriously for the most part. Most episodes have a dramatic, adventurous and action-packed nature to them. Comedy is also generously laced throughout with entire episodes occasionally devoted to a humourous theme. There is also a handful of episodes set in the modern day that somehow tie back to Xena and her adventures from approximately two thousand years ago.

Xena: Warrior Princess was an Emmy Award-winning American action-fantasy TV series that was a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  Xena was originally a guest star in several episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as one of his most dangerous enemies and was originally scripted to perish at the end of her story arc.  However the overwhelming fan response led to her survival and her own spin-off series.  Xena: Warrior Princess would go on to surpass its parent show in popularity and ratings with its titular character becoming a cultural icon.

Notable Characters

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Xena & Gabrielle


Xena and Gabrielle, the best of friends

Xena and Gabrielle are the two lead characters and the only ones to have appeared in every single episode (there are 138 in total). They become best friends over the course of the show but not without stumbling blocks along the way. While Xena thinks on her feet and is very pro-active in dealing with situations, Gabrielle likes to weigh up the pros and cons before diving in but is always ready to follow Xena's advice. Xena used to be an evil warlord known as The Destroyer of Nations. She put her evil past behind her and finds herself gradually relying on Gabrielle more and more to keep her from straying back into evil ways.

Below is a summary of the most important characters that appeared in the show. Click their names to see their individual character pages.



He is a clumsy oaf who likes to think of himself as a mighty warrior.  He is good friends with Xena and Gabrielle and wants to help them but ends up doing more harm than good half the time. He has appeared in forty two episodes.


The Greek god of war is fond of Xena but is manipulative and wants only to dominate the world, preferably with Xena at his side. He has appeared in thirty one episodes.


Callisto (6)
Probably Xena's greatest enemy. As a child, Caliisto watched her family die at Xena's hand. This was in Xena's dark days as Destroyer of Nations. She is consumed with revenge and has developed into a murderous, highly skilled warrior. She is determined to defeat Xena. She has appeared in twelve episodes.


Eve is Xena's daughter but grew up without her for the first twenty five years of her life. In that time, Ares moulded her into a brutal Roman commander. Xena, with the help of Eli, made her see the error of her ways. She has appeared in eleven episodes.


This infamous thief can't resist stealing valuable items especially if it presents a challenge for him. He also has a good heart and will help people in need but doesn't want anyone to know about it for fear of ruining his reputation as "King of Thieves". He has appeared in eight episodes.


An ambitious Roman general that Xena met in her dark past. Caesar betrayed Xena and they have been bitter enemies ever since. He has appeared in eight episodes.
Ephiny is an amazon warrior and good friends with Xena and Gabrielle although her loyalty is strongest towards Gabrielle. This is due to Gabrielle becoming Amazon Queen of her tribe. She has appeared in eight episodes.


An evil and powerful shamaness. She desires greater power above anything else and does not hesitate to kill anyone who stands in her way. She has appeared in six episodes.


A street magician in India. He discovers that he is the Avatar. A Deity in human form destined to save humankind from evil. He has great compassion and despairs at the suffering in the world. He has appeared in six episodes.

Plot Summary

Season 1

Xena meets Gabrielle for the first time while saving her village. They become good friends, with Gabrielle learning a lot from Xena's advice. They overcome various enemies along the way, including warlords, gods and titans.

Ares attempts to seduce Xena (1.6)

Ares attempts to seduce Xena back into her warlord ways.

One god in particular is a constant thorn in Xena's side - Ares, God of War. He is upset that Xena has abandoned her evil warlord ways and repeatedly tries to persuade her to come back and be by his side. He frames her for murder and claims to be her saviour. He also masquerades as her father to try and dupe her into lashing out against innocent villagers. It almost works but Gabrielle is there to make Xena realise that attacking these villagers is wrong.

Xena unexpectedly bumps into an old flame, Marcus, while trying to rescue a young woman. She tries to persuade him to stop serving an evil warlord and do good. Unfortunately, his first act of kindness is to give his life to save the kidnapped woman. She meets him again much later but this time he is an undead spirit asking for help in the underworld. The only way into the underworld is to die and become a spirit. Xena does this without hesitation as she loves Marcus very much and manages to stop the madman Atyminius from causing havoc.


Gabrielle learns how to use a Fighting Staff

As Gabrielle spends more time with Xena she becomes more confident but she grows a little frustrated with being unable to help Xena in combat. When she inadvertently becomes an Amazon princess, she quickly learns the use of a Fighting Staff from the Amazons. Despite being a princess to the Amazons she was able to leave them and continue following Xena but promised to return to them.

While Xena advised Helen of Troy in the midst of the Trojan War, Gabrielle unexpectedly meets Perdicus, a man she was reluctantly to marry back in her home village before meeting Xena. But on meeting him this time she is taken with how capable he has become as a soldier. They part on good terms hoping to meet each other again.

Xena discovers she has an exact double in the form of Princess Diana, daughter of King Thrace. She takes her place to thwart attempts on her life. This is the first of numerous doubles that Xena comes across over the course of the six seasons.

Xena and Gabrielle meet Autolycus, a friend of Hercules, for the first time. He is persuaded to masquerade as Synteres, an assassin, to help them retrieve a stolen holy artefact and will meet them again on numerous occasions in the future.

Callisto (4)Small


Xena encounters perhaps her greatest and certainly her most persistent enemy of the entire show. Callisto is a highly skilled warrior woman out for vengeance against Xena. In her dark past Xena had destroyed Callisto's family and village. This twisted Callisto into an evil and vengeful warrior. Although Xena defeated her this time, they would meet again. During their encounter with Callisto they also meet Joxer, a clumsy warrior who becomes good friends with them.

Xena finally revives Gabrielle (1.24)

Xena is finally able to revive Gabrielle, saving her life

Xena teams up with her estranged older brother, Toris, to get revenge on Cortese. Cortese was responsible for the death of their younger brother Lyceus and the destruction of their village (the village was later rebuilt). Cortese was also responsible for Xena becoming the dark vengeful warrior that she used to be. Although they worked well together in bringing Cortese down, Xena and Toris would remain estranged.

Xena and Gabrielle help the wounded in a Greek civil war. Gabrielle risks her life to save someone from the battlefield but is gravely wounded for her troubles. Xena desperately tries to save her, bringing all her medical knowledge to bear. Without realising it Xena was stimulating her heart when she lightly punched Gabrielle's chest in a moment of despair and desperation. Having saved Gabrielle's life, the two have become inseparable.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 Xena 1.1 Sins of the Past

4 Sep 1995
1.02 Xena 1.2 Chariots of War

11 Sep 1995
1.03 Xena 1.3 Dreamworker

18 Sep 1995
1.04 Xena 1.4 Cradle of Hope

25 Sep 1995
1.05 Xena 1.5 The Path Not Taken

2 Oct 1995
1.06 Xena 1.6 The Reckoning

16 Oct 1995
1.07 Xena 1.7 The Titans

30 Oct 1995
1.08 Xena 1.8 Prometheus

6 Nov 1995
1.09 Xena 1.9 Death in Chains

13 Nov 1995
1.10 Xena 1.10 Hooves and Harlots

20 Nov 1995
1.11 Xena 1.11 Black Wolf

9 Jan 1996
1.12 Xena 1.12 Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

15 Jan 1996
1.13 Xena 1.13 Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards

22 Jan 1996
1.14 Xena 1.14 Fistful of Dinars

29 Jan 1996
1.15 Xena 1.15 Warrior...Princess

5 Feb 1996
1.16 Xena 1.16 Mortal Beloved

12 Feb 1996
1.17 Xena 1.17 The Royal Couple of Thieves

19 Feb 1996
1.18 Xena 1.18 The Prodigal

4 Mar 1996
1.19 Xena 1.19 Altared States

2 Apr 1996
1.20 Xena 1.20 Ties That Bind

29 Apr 1996
1.21 Xena 1.21 The Greater Good

6 May 1996
1.22 Xena 1.22 Callisto

13 May 1996
1.23 Xena 1.23 Death Mask

3 Jun 1996
1.24 Xena 1.24 Is There a Doctor in The House?

29 Jul 1996

Season 2

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
2.01 Xena 2.1 Orphan of War

30 Sep 1996
2.02 Xena 2.2 Remember Nothing

7 Oct 1996
2.03 Xena 2.3 The Giant Killer

14 Oct 1996
2.04 Xena 2.4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

21 Oct 1996
2.05 Xena 2.5 Return of Callisto

28 Oct 1996
2.06 Xena 2.6 Warrior...Princess...Tramp

4 Nov 1996
2.07 Xena 2.7 Intimate Stranger

11 Non 1996
2.08 Xena 2.8 Ten Little Warlords

18 Nov 1996
2.09 Xena 2.9 A Solstice Carol

9 Dec 1996
2.10 Xena 2.10 The Xena Scrolls

13 Jan 1997
2.11 Xena 2.11 Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis

20 Jan 1997
2.12 Xena 2.12 Destiny

27 Jan 1997
2.13 Xena 2.13 The Quest

3 Feb 1997
2.14 Xena 2.14 A Necessary Evil

10 Feb 1997
2.15 Xena 2.15 A Day in the Life

17 Feb 1997
2.16 Xena 2.16 For Him the Bell Tolls

24 Feb 1997
2.17 Xena 2.17 The Execution

7 Apr 1997
2.18 Xena 2.18 Blind Faith

14 Apr 1997
2.19 Xena 2.19 Ulysses

21 Apr 1997
2.20 Xena 2.20 The Price

28 Apr 1997
2.21 Xena 2.21 Lost Mariner

5 May 1997
2.22 Xena 2.22 A Comedy of Eros

12 May 1997

Season 3

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
3.01 Xena 3.1 The Furies

29 Sep 1997
3.02 Xena 3.2 Been There, Done That

6 Oct 1997
3.03 Xena 3.3 The Dirty Half Dozen

13 Oct 1997
3.04 Xena 3.4 The Deliverer

20 Oct 1997
3.05 Xena 3.5 Gabrielle's Hope

27 Oct 1997
3.06 Xena 3.6 The Debt: Part 1

3 Nov 1997
3.07 Xena 3.7 The Debt: Part 2

10 Nov 1997
3.08 Xena 3.8 The King of Assassins

17 Nov 1997
3.09 Xena 3.9 Warrior...Priestess...Tramp

12 Jan 1998
3.10 Xena 3.10 The Quill is Mightier

19 Jan 1998
3.11 Callisto (3) Maternal Instincts

26 Jan 1998
3.12 Xena 3.12 The Bitter Suite

2 Feb 1998
3.13 Xena 3.13 One Against an Army

9 Feb 1998
3.14 Xena 3.14 Forgiven

16 Feb 1998
3.15 Xena 3.15 King Con

23 Feb 1998
3.16 Xena 3.16 When in Rome

3 Mar 1998
3.17 Xena 3.17 Forget Me Not

9 Mar 1998
3.18 Xena 3.18 Fins, Femmes and Gems

13 Apr 1998
3.19 Xena 3.19 Tsunami

20 Apr 1998
3.20 Xena 3.20 Vanishing Act

27 Apr 1998
3.21 Xena 3.21 Sacrifice: Part 1

4 May 1998
3.22 Xena 3.22 Sacrifice: Part 2

11 May 1998

Season 4

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
4.01 Xena 4.1 Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 1

28 Sep 1998
4.02 Xena 4.2 Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 2

5 Oct 1998
4.03 Xena 4.3 A Family Affair

12 Oct 1998
4.04 Xena 4.4 In Sickness and in Hell

19 Oct 1998
4.05 Xena 4.5 A Good Day

26 Oct 1998
4.06 Xena 4.6 A Tale of Two Muses

2 Nov 1998
4.07 Xena 4.7 Locked Up and Tied Down

9 Nov 1998
4.08 Xena 4.8 Crusader

16 Nov 1998
4.09 Xena 4.9 Past Imperfect

4 Jan 1999
4.10 Xena 4.10 The Key to the Kingdom

11 Jan 1999
4.11 Xena 4.11 Daughter of Pomira

18 Jan 1999
4.12 Xena 4.12 If The Shoe Fits...

25 Jan 1999
4.13 Xena 4.13 Paradise Found

1 Feb 1999
4.14 Xena 4.14 Devi

8 Feb 1999
4.15 Xena 4.15 Between the Lines

15 Feb 1999
4.16 Xena 4.16 The Way

22 Feb 1999
4.17 Xena 4.17 The Play's the Thing

1 Mar 1999
4.18 Xena 4.18 The Convert

19 Apr 1999
4.19 Xena 4.19 Takes One to Know One

26 Apr 1999
4.20 Xena 4.20 Endgame

3 May 1999
4.21 Xena 4.21 The Ides of March

10 May 1999
4.22 Xena 4.22 Deja Vu All Over Again

17 May 1999

Season 5

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
5.01 Xena 5.1 Fallen Angel

27 Sep 1999
5.02 Xena 5.2 Chakram

4 Oct 1999
5.03 Xena 5.3 Succession

11 Oct 1999
5.04 Xena 5.4 Animal Attraction

18 Oct 1999
5.05 Gabrielle (3) Them Bones, Them Bones

1 Nov 1999
5.06 Xena 5.6 Purity

8 Nov 1999
5.07 Xena 5.7 Back in the Bottle

15 Nov 1999
5.08 Xena 5.8 Little Problems

22 Nov 1999
5.09 Xena 5.9 Seeds of Faith

10 Jan 2000
5.10 Xena 5.10 Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire

17 Jan 2000
5.11 Xena 5.11 Punch Lines

24 Jan 2000
5.12 Xena 5.12 God Fearing Child

31 Jan 2000
5.13 Xena 5.13 Eternal Bonds

7 Feb 2000
5.14 Xena 5.14 Amphipolis Under Siege

14 Feb 2000
5.15 Xena 5.15 Married with Fishsticks

21 Feb 2000
5.16 Xena 5.16 Lifeblood

13 Mar 2000
5.17 Xena 5.17 Kindred Spirits

20 Mar 2000
5.18 Xena 5.18 Antony and Cleopatra

17 Apr 2000
5.19 Xena 5.19 Looking Death in the Eye

24 Apr 2000
5.20 Xena 5.20 Livia

1 May 2000
5.21 Xena 5.21 Eve

8 May 2000
5.22 Xena 5.22 Motherhood

15 May 2000

Season 6

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
6.01 Xena 6.1 Coming Home

2 Oct 2000
6.02 Xena 6.2 The Haunting of Amphipolis

9 Oct 2000
6.03 Xena 6.3 Heart of Darkness

16 Oct 2000
6.04 Gabrielle (6) Who's Gurkhan?

23 Oct 2000
6.05 Xena 6.5 Legacy

30 Oct 2000
6.06 Xena 6.6 The Abyss

6 Nov 200
6.07 Xena 6.7 The Rheingold

13 Nov 2000
6.08 Xena 6.8 The Ring

20 Nov 2000
6.09 Xena 6.9 Return of the Valkyrie

27 Nov 2000
6.10 Xena 6.10 Old Ares Had a Farm

15 Jan 2001
6.11 Xena 6.11 Dangerous Prey

22 Jan 2001
6.12 Xena 6.12 The God You Know

29 Jan 2001
6.13 Xena 6.13 You Are There

5 Feb 2001
6.14 Xena 6.14 Path of Vengeance

12 Feb 2001
6.15 Xena 6.15 To Helicon and Back

19 Feb 2001
6.16 Xena 6.16 Send in the Clones

23 Apr 2001
6.17 Xena 6.17 Last of the Centaurs

30 Apr 2001
6.18 Xena 6.18 When Fates Collide

7 May 2001
6.19 Xena 6.19 Many Happy Returns

14 May 2001
6.20 Xena 6.20 Soul Possession

4 Jun 2001
6.21 Xena 6.21 A Friend in Need: Part 1

11 Jun 2001
6.22 Xena 6.22 A Friend in Need: Part 2

18 Jun 2001

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