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General Information

Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Film Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus
Credit Lucy Lawless


Xena debuted as an antogonistic character in the TV Show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She went on to become the titular heroine of the Xena: Warrior Princess TV Show. Formerly an evil warlord, Xena now uses her fighting prowess for good and to atone for her past misdeeds as the Destroyer of Nations.


Xena grew up in the village of Amphipolis in ancient Greece. Her family consists of her mother, Cyrene, her younger brother, Lyceus and her older brother Toris. Their village was attacked and destroyed by the warlord Cortese. Lyceus died defending it. These events started Xena on a dark path as a warrior that saw her become a merciless warlord known as the Destroyer of Nations. She partnered with Borias in conquering the lands. They were also lovers but Xena eschewed any notion of them being in love, stating that people like them don't fall in love with each other. She was a brutal warrior at first but would later realise that helping those in need and atoning for her past sins was the path she ultimately wanted to follow. Hercules helped her start that path and Gabrielle helped make sure she stayed on it.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits

Xena (4)
Xena is a very strong and independent warrior woman but initially had a tendency to be evil and brutal. She is very smart and quick to take decisive action in any situation. With Gabrielle at her side she can't resist a call for help even if it means putting herself in danger. She and Gabrielle are inseparable. She relies heavily on Gabrielle's great heart and compassion to help keep her on the path of good.

Abilities and Weapons

Her skills as a warrior are second to none and she has defeated many great foes over the years. She wears leather armour and uses various weapons.


Xena uses her pressure points technique to interrogate one of Callisto's men (Episode 2.5 Return of Callisto)

Pressure Points

Aside from her proficiencies in armed and unarmed combat, she also has mastery of pressure points. She mostly uses it to interrogate enemies for information. It also comes in useful to alleviate pain and suffering in the wounded.

Xena-chakram ep3.2

Xena readies her Chakram for a complicated shot across town to save the day (Episode 3.2 Been There, Done That)


A circular throwing weapon frequently used to disarm opponents. It is often seen ricocheting off multiple targets before it returns to Xena's hands.

Xena (6)

Xena stands over a defeated foe, sword drawn.


Xena's trusty sword is sheathed into a scabbard across her back.

Xena-breastdagger ep1.3

Xena confiscates the Breast Dagger that Gabrielle secretly bought (Episode 1.3 Dreamworker).

Breast Dagger

Gabrielle had foolishly bought herself an ill-fitting breast dagger. Xena is quick to confiscate it and put it to good use.


Xena uses her Bull Whip to keep wolves at bay (Episode 2.4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun).

Bull Whip

Xena mostly uses her Bull Whip to either disarm opponents or to trip them up.



  • The first time you pick up a sword, you become a target. And the moment you kill...everything changes. Everything.

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