Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
Zombies Zombies Zombies
Directed By Jason M. Murphy
Written By Tony Giordano, Zack Kennedy
Cast Juliet London, Krystal Davis, Hollie Winnard, Jessica Barton
Produced By Tony Giordano, Jason M. Murphy
Film Editing By Tony Giordano, Brad Tremaroli
Cinematography By Kenny Beaumont
Music By Chris Lott

United States



Release Date

September 9, 2008


79 Minutes

Distributed By

In The Dark Entertainment



  • Lyanna Tumaneng as Dallas
  • Jessica Barton as Dakota
  • Hollie Winnard as Harley
  • Sean Harriman as Chris
  • Anthony Headen as Johnny 'BackHand' Vegas
  • Valensky Sylvain as Clive
  • Juliet London as Pandora
  • Landon Ashworth as Steven
  • Stephanie Miller as Pamela
  • Krystal Davis as Lou Ann
  • Rob Calvert as Lucas
  • Josh Kelley as DJ Spin
  • Michael Clinkenbeard as Dr. Stewart
  • Michael Cooper as Ruggie
  • Krystal Fontanez as Leesil
  • Christina Daoust as Mysie
  • Jaime Jessup as Devon
  • Christina DeFabrizio as Josie
  • Tracy Nova as Jasmine
  • Erika Nicole as Scarlett
  • Ann-Mari Silson as Ethyl
  • Tiffany Shepis as Tiffany
  • Drew Shoemaker as Jenna
  • William Horne as Hank
  • Colin Bowman as Joe
  • Tracy Wiu as Reporter
  • Jay Laga'aia as One-Eyed Zombie



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